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Turkey & Syria  Earthquakes Relief


News Update - February 21, 2023

As our ground staffs are working so hard to help in the effected area, a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey near the Syrian border late Monday on February 20, killing at least six people and injuring more than 300. — two weeks after catastrophic twin earthquakes devastated the region, leaving more than 46,000 people dead millions more homeless with more than 7 million children being affected.

Due to dangerous road conditions and government restrictions, our team from World Harvest couldn’t access Adana from the West as originally planned. Working through local partners already on the ground in Antakya, we were able to quickly adjust our plans. While dealing with dangerous snowy road conditions, looting and violence by desperate survivors, our team has been working tirelessly in the Adiyaman Province and surrounding cities of Antakya, Malatya, Kahramanmaras, and Ceresta, distributing tents, blankets, food and water.

Thank you for generously standing with us as we stand in solidarity with survivors in that region.



For video in Bahasa Indonesia, please click here :

Please continue to support our relief effort at Thank you.

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We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit Humanitarian Aid Organization. Founded in 1989, WorldHarvest impacts the world through Community, Education, and Media Services. Driven by those three strong pillars, we focus on building sustainable communities and serving people regardless their age, gender, religion beliefs, race, and ethnic background.

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Millions of children are forced to leave school early due to poverty. These kids have a conspicuously narrow gateway towards self-empowerment. WorldHarvest recognizes their apparent disadvantage and we aspire to help them break the chains of poverty. For only $1.20 per day or $36 per month (note: new contribution level  starting Jan. 2022),, you are directly breaking the cycle of poverty through the gift of education. 

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WorldHarvest strives to change the lives for our brothers and sisters in need. Throughout the year, WorldHarvest is involved with multiple projects worldwide, ranging from sustainable agriculture, feeding program, to building schools, and many more.

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We exist to impact the world in three ways: Community, Education, and Media Services.







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