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Stop Hunger

WorldHarvest are excited to start the year 2023.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors supporting this campaign, hundreds of families have been able to grow their crops and put food on their table daily through the sack farming project.


Unfortunately, the effects of the devastation of Covid 19 are still being felt in several poor and slum areas of India, Pakistan and Africa. Many families are still out of work and live in areas where water is in short supply and there is little land to grow on. More work needs to be done! Our team has mobilized “community agents on the ground” and they’re ready.


Partner with us and help us teach people to grow and sustain a supply of food and feed their families on a daily basis with our Vertical Sack Farming system.


Please consider sponsoring a family for a one time donation for a year of $360 only.

 New StopHunger Project 2023-2024
 Sponsor a Family in Pakistan, Kenya and India

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Toba Tek Singh is a district of Faisalabad Division in the Punjab province of Pakistan; this area is made up of large areas of lowlands that flood frequently during the rainy season.


This Muqads colony is located a few miles away from Toba Tek Singh and currently the poverty rate is very high. The area has no electricity.


Our leader has just started sewing machine class this past February with the goal to educate and empower underdeveloped women in this community.

Average Income:
14,400 Pakistani Rupees/family/month ($90USD)

Current problem :
poverty,  unemployment, shortage of food, illiteracy


In Mumbai, India, there are large populations of migrant workers, impoverished, and homeless in slum area, vulnerable communities have been struggling the most during the pandemic time. Families are struggling to put food on their tables. 

WorldHarvest initiated the #STOPHUNGER Project 2021, a feeding program for 150 families who live in slum areas in Mumbai, India. The reality in India calls for urgent interventions in the most innovative way to sustain food supplies while still conforming to government directives to curb the highly infectious virus. Thus, the idea of sack farming was introduced. We have 150 new families that needs your generosity. 


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