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Afghanistan Refugee Outreach 

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WorldHarvest have boots on the ground in these three cities and is preparing for immediate food relief and free medical camps. We aim to start the outreach on Monday August 23.

Join us to save them!


Every day thousands of Afghans streamed into Pakistan, even as the Pakistani government claimed that Pakistan is accepting no refugees from Afghanistan. Border cities like Chaman, Parachinar and Tall are impacted and experiencing a humanitarian crisis as thousands of people need help with food, shelter and medical needs.

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The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in more severe ways than was expected and as the infection numbers shot to record highs the world economy ground to a near halt. In India, 12.2 million people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown to curb the
coronavirus. Finally on October 11th, the project officially started and each of the 150 families was given 5 sacks complete with soil, manure, seedlings, and training on how to set up and take care of their plants.


Sponsor A Child

Millions of children are forced to leave school early due to poverty. These kids have a conspicuously narrow gateway towards self-empowerment. WorldHarvest recognizes their apparent disadvantage and we aspire to help them break the chains of poverty. When Sponsoring A Child with WorldHarvest,  you are directly breaking the cycle of poverty through the gift of education.


Where Most Needed


Your gift enables communities we serve to be able to access clean water, healthcare, nutrition, as well as empower youths and leaders in the communities with skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.