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Our Sponsor A Child program offers education sponsorships to impoverished children in Indonesia, Pakistan, India,

Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Nepal and Uganda.

Our Sponsor A Child Program directly helps your sponsored child and the community he or she lives in.

Your donation ensures the child will receive an education and that his or her medical and nutritional needs are met. 

Part of your donation will also go towards additional programs such as tutoring, mosquito fumigations, and our Community Transformation Centers.

When you sponsor a child you will receive yearly updates on your child’s performance in school and growth. 

Why sponsor a child?

$30/a month (< $1 a day) can change a child's future.

In Pakistan, over 22.8 million children are out of school. Over 40% of their population is living in poverty therefore, those out of school children are forced into child labor.


Your sponsorship directly affects the life of your sponsored child. A proper eduction ensures that they will learn to read and write securing

a positive future.  

Many children sponsored through WorldHarvest come from illiterate families and their parents do not have consistent income. 

Since 1989 over 12,000 students have graduated through our WorldHarvest Sponsor A Child program.

Are you ready to change a life?

Use our database to select a child available for sponsorship. Filter your search by age, gender and region.

Did you know you can

meet your child? 

Randy Brewer and Brewer District have been WorldHarvest sponsors since 2015. In 2019 Randy traveled to Kamuli, a  district in Uganda, Eastern Africa to meet his sponsored child Alvin. Read more about his trip here. 

Watch this short video about Annh Luu visiting her sponsored child Lola.