Our Sponsor A Child program offers education sponsorships to impoverished children in Indonesia, Pakistan, India,

Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Nepal and Uganda.

Our Sponsor A Child Program directly helps your sponsored child and the community he or she lives in.

Your donation ensures the child will receive an education and that his or her medical and nutritional needs are met. 

Part of your donation will also go towards additional programs such as tutoring, mosquito fumigations, and our Community Transformation Centers.

When you sponsor a child you will receive yearly updates on your child’s performance in school and growth. 

Why sponsor a child?

$30/a month (< $1 a day) can change a child's future.

In Pakistan, over 22.8 million children are out of school. Over 40% of their population is living in poverty therefore, those out of school children are forced into child labor.


Your sponsorship directly affects the life of your sponsored child. A proper eduction ensures that they will learn to read and write securing

a positive future.  

Many children sponsored through WorldHarvest come from illiterate families and their parents do not have consistent income. 

Since 1989 over 12,000 students have graduated through our WorldHarvest Sponsor A Child program.

Are you ready to change a life?

Use our database to select a child available for sponsorship. Filter your search by age, gender and region.

Did you know you can

meet your child? 

Randy Brewer and Brewer District have been WorldHarvest sponsors since 2015. In 2019 Randy traveled to Kamuli, a  district in Uganda, Eastern Africa to meet his sponsored child Alvin. Read more about his trip on our 2019 Quarter 4 newsletter. 

Watch this short video about Annh Luu visiting her sponsored child Lola.

Do you want to write your sponsored child?
Here's some guidelines:
Frequently Asked Questions 
about our SAC sponsorship program

What does my sponsorship include? How does my child get the money?
Your sponsorship allows a child to attend school in a developing region of the world. Children in our programs are from very impoverished areas, and their parents cannot afford to pay for their education. By sponsoring them, you are allowing them the receive the gift of an education. Once you donate, 70% of your donation is transferred to our regional community directors who use the donation to fund your sponsored child’s education. This includes tuition and textbooks. The
remaining 30% is retained to cover our overhead expenditures.


Where do you find the children that are sponsored?
Our sponsored children are selected by our community directors and screened for sponsorship eligibility. Our community directors try to select children whose parents have remained in the area for some time and plan to stay until their education is complete.


Can I send letters to my child to stay in contact with them? Can I visit them?
Your sponsored child would love to hear from you! We encourage writing letters to your child and have enclosed a letter template and writing guidelines paper in your welcome packet. You may scan and email or mail us the letter and we will give to the child through our community leader. Visiting your child can be logistically challenging, but we allow this on a case-by-case basis. 
Please contact us to discuss your options for visiting your child. Your child will know your name and the state you live in. We encourage our donors to write their child a letter to introduce themselves! Please contact our office if you have a letter to send.

What happens if I miss a payment? Will they still attend school?
If you miss a payment, your child will stay in school. Our office will cover the donation for a time, but it’s important to keep us up to date with your current billing information so this doesn’t happen!


What does it mean when a child ‘drops’?
Occasionally, children will drop from our program. There’s a variety of reasons this could happen, but the most likely one is that the parents relocated in search of better opportunities. Because of the nature of child drops, it can be hard to discern the exact reason why for every
case, but we screen our program applicants to minimize this possibility. In the event your child drops from our program, we will replace your child and issue a new welcome packet.

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