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This campaign ends on: July 31, 2021

Indonesia, home to about 270 million people, reported 54,517 new cases of Covid-19, authorities
said Wednesday, July 15 th , a single-day national record and dire warning sign for the world's
fourth-most populous country.

Another 991 Covid-19 fatalities were also reported Wednesday, pushing the total death toll to
69,210, making Indonesia the new epicenter for the pandemic in Asia.

A survey published Saturday found that nearly half of the 10.6 million residents of Jakarta may
have contracted Covid-19. Some fear the situation may be worse than the numbers show,
because not enough people are getting tested for the virus. If the spread continues unabated,
experts say it could push Indonesia's health care system to the brink of disaster.
We would like to invite you to take part in this campaign “Give the Gift of Oxygen.”
We have sent 120 oxygen concentrators in Indonesia and we are sending another 120 machines;
those machines will be distributed to local hospitals in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang.

Any amount you give will HELP!
(machine will be go to local hospitals)*

You can also choose to donate $900 and give one machine to a local hospital* and designate
the second machine to a recipient of your choice.

Even your small gifts can make a big difference!

Thank you!


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