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Special Projects


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If you’re interested to get more detailed information about any of WorldHarvest’s current projects, please send your inquiry to

Oxygen Project: India

India was one of the worst-hit countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With devastating effects of lockdowns, sky-rocketing case numbers and an ever-growing death toll, the shortage of oxygen machines in hospitals left countless people without care and little hope for healing. WorldHarvest managed to donate and deliver hundreds of oxygen concentrators and distribute them in Guntur, South India and Mumbai, Central India for many people young and old to receive the care they needed.

Free Medical

& Dental Camp


Underprivileged communities are in need of medical help all over the world. Unfortunately, many areas in third world countries continue to experience limited or no access to basic healthcare services. In Nepal, one of the areas WorldHarvest is currently working in, communities living in remote areas may access the nearest hospital by walking for hours. In many parts of Indonesia, many low-income families cannot afford to do regular checkups or even visit a doctor when they are sick. Thus, WorldHarvest continues to seek partners to be able to fund and host free medical camps/checkups for these underserved communities. The cost per medical camp is $5,000 USD to treat 400-600 patients depending on where it is held.


Feeding Program


According to the latest report from the WHO, around 45% of deaths among children under 5 years of age are linked to undernutrition. Many children and families across the regions where WorldHarvest serves are suffering from malnutrition making them more susceptible to disease and early death. Hosting a feeding program provides the community better nutrition, health and greater achievement in education for school-age children.

Our feeding program feeds 120-200 children and/or families and costs around $500 USD per program.

Clean Water Project

In Sierra Leone


Worldwide, 780 million people do not have access to an improved water source and an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation (more than 35% of the world’s population). Among all the countries in the world, only 2% of the population in Sierra Leone has access to clean, readily available drinking water, and most households lack basic sanitation.
WorldHarvest started a project that provides a water reservoir tank for a community of 50 households. Our Clean Water project began in January 2018 and the first tank was built in March 2018. WorldHarvest is looking forward to providing clean water tanks to four more locations in the Gbangbayela community in Sierra Leone.



Project In Sierra Leone


If you’re interested to get more detailed information about any of WorldHarvest’s current projects, please send your inquiry to

Chicken & Catfish

Farm Nepal

chicken farm.png

If you’re interested to get more detailed information about any of WorldHarvest’s current projects, please send your inquiry to


Building A School

In Pakistan


When the massive Balakot earthquake hit and took 86,000 lives, a large number of Hindus living in the area scattered and moved to other cities and hamlets of Pakistan. A large number ended up in Hassanabdal, a town outside Islamabad. Unfortunately, these Hindus suffered severe religious persecution from the neighbors, involving attacks that cost numerous human lives. Their children are unable to attend local schools because of the persecution and violence. We stepped in and established a school for them in a rented house. Now the school has over 120 Hindu kids and has outgrown the rented facility. We would like to purchase a piece of land and build a permanent school facility there. We have established a strong and positive presence in the community for over a decade, and they welcome us to build. We have reached out to both the Hindus and the Muslims, and our goal is to bring them together in peace, cooperation, and unity.

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