In July 2015, our WorldHarvest team went on a mission trip to Indonesia and served five remote cities in West Borneo. The cities included Mukok, Ngabang, Sintang, Samalantan and Singkawang. Our team brought their own equipment to set up at all the humanitarian camps they held. They visited orphanages and prisons, and held dental and medical clinics in order to serve the community. The team also hosted a No Apologies Seminar where leaders taught over 2,000 students the importance of abstinence in a society where sexually transmitted diseases are rampant. 550 patients were assisted in medical and dental care and 300 families were counseled on how to have fruitful marriages. The team also equipped 500 leaders to properly lead their country through hardships and trials.

Medical & Dental Camps

  • Ngabang – 200 Patients
  • Semitau – 100 Patients
  • Samalantan – 125 Patients
  • Singkawang – 125 Patients

We could not have done any of this without your care and support. We were able to assist those in need with food, medical care, and support because of your participation. Your donations allowed WorldHarvest to go into various parts of the world to help combat poverty. We thank you sincerely.