Back in February, one of our founders, Daniel Hanafi, and our WorldHarvest team had the privilege to go to a small city in Southern India called Guntur. Guntur is located in the Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This particular city has been suffering with a drought for more than five years, which has affected 500 people who call Guntur their home. Our team was saddened to see parking lots full of run down homes made out of old tarps and banners. As the team continued to walk through the community, they noticed the air was very thick and damp. They later realized that the air felt unhealthy because the people were burning tires to keep away mosquitos that were living in nearby stagnant water. What the people of Guntur didn’t know was that the fumes from the burning tires were actually burning their lungs, which caused many to suffer with lung infections like ammonia and tuberculosis.

Luckily, our team was able to help around 150 families by conducting a humanitarian feeding program in the slums. The people of Guntur were so eager to receive fresh food that they were bringing their plates and bowls as soon as our team took out the rice and curry from the trucks. Families from all around the community were beyond grateful for what our team had done.

These people didn’t choose to grow up in poverty. They didn’t choose to live in the circumstances that they are in. If we were in their situation, wouldn’t we be grateful if someone came to help us? Lucky for us, we can choose to help. Daniel Hanafi said it best: “A small amount for us is a life saver for them.”