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See ya, 2016. It’s been real.

By January 6, 2017Blog

Another year passes and another year beckons. Looking back at this past year, we are grateful to count the tremendous opportunities we’ve had to serve thousands of people of numerous countries, backgrounds, and needs. To wrap up 2016, here’s a look at some highlights of what we were able to accomplish this year, and we could not have done it without you.

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Sponsor A Child
Children Sponsored

636 children were able to attend school for another year. This year, we gained 160 new donors, and next year we will continue to press for more child sponsorships and reach beyond the areas of Indonesia and Africa.

Starting this year of 2017, we plan to reach beyond our current communities and offer support to children in need in countries like Pakistan, Nepal, India, and in different cities in Indonesia and Africa. We hope you will stay alongside us as we reach new borders and expand the territory of help we bring.

We cared for 34 communities and provided them with numerous programs to help them out of their cycles of poverty.

We provided help to people in impoverished situations through programs like: our microfinance program, which loans money to a person so they can start their own small business; our fumigation program; our clean water initiatives; our building of schools; our equipping and education seminars; our school feeding programs; and our media, television and radio programs.
people in Ecuador

We aided over 12,000 people in Ecuador during the earthquake last April. We brought food, medical supplies, and helped local rescue teams retrieve victims from beneath rubble of collapsed buildings.

people in Flores

We travelled through Flores opening up free medical clinics, hosting seminars for teens and adults, and visiting orphanages, prisons, and hospitals.


We trained over 700 leaders in East Africa to make changes in their communities.

“Changing communities starts with changing its leaders.” – Dr. Daniel Hanafi

“Give a poor man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” – Old Proverb

In areas of poverty around the world, it isn’t enough just to come and bring relief, which is often short lived. Where possible, WorldHarvest always seeks to teach and equip people to get out of their poverty themselves. With the training sessions in East Africa, each leader was equipped to make change in their communities and find ways to generate income through small businesses. These lessons learned were carried by these local leaders to pass on to members of their communities, so that whole communities could work to get out of poverty together.

This is not the end.

We thank you for your faithful commitment to not only supporting WorldHarvest, but helping us bring aid to thousands of people around the world. It’s because of people like you that we are able to continue to make an impact in the world, and we hope that it doesn’t stop here. With a new year now ahead of us, we hope you will continue to support us and be our partners for making a difference, changing lives, and honestly, making the world a truly better place.

Here’s to many more years.