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"Together, we can break the cycle of poverty."

Sponsor A Child



Millions of children are forced to leave school early due to poverty. These kids have a conspicuously narrow gateway towards self-empowerment. WorldHarvest recognizes their apparent disadvantage and we aspire to help them break from the chains of poverty. For only a $1 a day you can make a difference in a child's life!

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Community Warriors



The scale of poverty is immense and more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty. It is easy to feel powerless to help but let WorldHarvest be your guide. With your help and resources, WorldHarvest can achieve tremendous feats. Your monthly donation will work towards continuing the basic structure of WorldHarvest. As a Community Warrior, you are pledging that you believe in what we do. Build a better world with us today!

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Project Partnership


/minimum per project

WorldHarvest strives to change the lives for our brothers and sisters in need. As a Project Partner you are providing for the needs of a specific project. Throughout the year, WorldHarvest is involved with multiple projects world wide. Ranging from sustainable agriculture, aid in natural disasters and building schools.

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