Last year, WorldHarvest embarked on a medical mission trip to rural Nepal in order to relieve some of the injustices inflicted by poverty. We provided free medical assistance, free medications, and opened up health seminars to educate people about proper hygiene. The country of Nepal remains one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. The unpurified drinking water, inadequate (or nonexistent) healthcare system, and lack of proper hygiene make the Nepalese living conditions extremely harsh.

This year, our team visited the rough lands once again from June 5th to the 14th. We held similar health seminars and distributed medications to hundreds of people. Dr. David Gouw from IFGF London led a successful medical seminar on June 6th with around 75 people in the audience. They listened intently on how to keep safe from certain preventable diseases caused by walking barefoot or by not washing their hands.

On the 12th to the 14th, health seminars were held back to back in cities like Chapakot, Parasi, and Syanja. A total of 50 pastors and leaders were trained to hold these medical services, and about 200 people were treated in our medical campsites. Thanks to your support, WorldHarvest was able to make a significant impact in Nepal once again in 2014. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your constant support. We plan to continue our expedition around the world, bringing medical and food relief to the people who need it the most. Thank you once again for your contribution to this cause.