About half the nation of Nepal is currently living below the poverty line. Common diseases like influenza and bacterial diarrhea are still considered deadly due to the lack of proper healthcare. Our WorldHarvest team conducted a medical relief mission in four impoverished areas of Nepal in September, 2013: Bhaktapur, Jomsom, Ilam and Gurkha. There was virtually no adequate healthcare system outside the larger cities. The consequences of such intense poverty left this nation and its people crippled with malnutrition, high rates of childhood mortality and an overall high death rate due to common and preventable diseases.

To provide healthcare to hundreds of communities that are severely lacking, WorldHarvest had custom built a Medical Service Bus (MBS), equipped with onboard generators as well as a water purification system. Dental chairs, portable examination tables and tents are also readily available for on-site medical and dental check-ups. The tools on this bus supports a treatment capacity of 250 patients per day. Anthony Kartawinata, one of the donors who volunteered to go on our mission trip, said, “There are many people who live in remote, mountainous areas with no access to health care. This medical bus will go there and serve the people in need of medical service.”  Click here to read more

Another one of our major donors, Jemmy Pranyoto, said, “Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. We knew we needed to find a way to help these loving people […] That was when we decided to sponsor this medical bus. In using the bus, the residents of Nepal will be able to receive medical attention without spending several days travelling.”  Because of the medical bus, the cost of medical service per person is actually reduced by more than 60%. Click here to read more

This was the first medical mission in which the MBS was used, and it proved to be extremely helpful. Hundreds of patients were effectively treated using the tools provided by the bus. Although it did suffer some attacks from those who desired to sabotage the mission trip, the bus was quickly fixed and continued on its way to help patients in the next city.