What do we believe in?

People – We help people in disadvantaged situations fulfill their dreams. We are committed to the people we serve around the globe. All our programs are aimed at alleviating the causes and effects of poverty, such as sickness, unemployment and malnutrition. We strive to equip the needy with the necessary tools and knowledge to rise above adversity and accomplish their goals. By doing so, we’ve accomplished ours.

Stewardship – We value financial transparency, integrity, and accountability. We consider ourselves to be stewards of the resources given to us by our respected donors. Our financial accounts are open to public viewing because we want to uphold our financial transparency and integrity. We are proud to say that WorldHarvest is accredited by the ECFA – Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Partnership – We want to partner with you to change the world. WorldHarvest partners with individuals and other like-minded organizations and corporations to end the brutal cycle of poverty and help those in dire need. We believe that by joining hands with people like you, our efforts will be much more effective than working alone. We’re not a one-man show. WorldHarvest thrives on profound partnerships with compassionate individuals and organizations.

Excellence – We’re committed to providing the highest degree of service. We aim to provide the best possible service to both our donors and the impoverished communities around the world. Donors will receive proper financial accountability and security as well as regular updates on their sponsored children. In turn, sponsored children and other receivers of our care will also receive quality, consistent help from us. Our main initiative is to serve both sides of the spectrum with accuracy, consistency and dependability.