On January 15, 2014, flash floods and landslides in Manado, North Sulawesi caused the death of about 20 civilians and left more than 40,000 people displaced, according the National Disaster Mitigation Agency.

WorldHarvest responded quickly in order to help assist those who were in need.

We were able to provide:
• 200 Mattresses
• 15 Spring beds
• 100 Gas stoves
• 200 bags of rice, sugar, milk, and oil
• Kitchen utensils
• 2 rented houses for 2 homeless families
• Undergarments
• Building materials for 2 churches and love gifts for the workers
• Lunches for the response team
• 300 Bibles

We want to thank all of our donors for partnering with us during these difficult times. Natural disasters may hit us unexpectedly, but your willingness to donate and touch the lives of others is greatly appreciated.