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Hurricane Harvey: Emergency Disaster Relief

By September 5, 2017Blog

The effects of Tropical Storm Harvey are continually bringing devastation to large areas along the Texas coast. The Category 4 hurricane not only posed a dangerous threat to residents earlier this month but has proven to be as destructive as everyone feared, dumping feet of rain in many areas and forcing evacuations throughout the state. Houston has been one of the hardest-hit cities across the region with widespread and unprecedented flooding.

Harvey Up Close

On August 27, Houston received a record shattering 16.07 inches of rain, the highest reported daily rainfall  in the city’s history. In three days, Houston saw near 25 inches of rain, making August 2017 the wettest month in their history.

Thousands have evacuated as homes and structures have been destroyed, streets are deep in water and the rains have even brought about dangerous wildlife like alligators into residential neighborhoods, making many areas completely uninhabitable.

Reports say that flooding will continue to impact lives and property into September as Harvey slowly spins over the region and continues to deliver even more rain.

We are bringing aid to Houston as a result of the disaster of Hurricane Harvey and ask that you join us in supporting our fellow brothers and sisters in Texas that may be struggling to weather this storm.

We will bring and hand-distribute relief items to storm victims as quickly as possible.

Visit worldharvest.cc/houston to donate and bring relief to Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for your help and for caring for those caught in this storm.