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Gala 2017 “You + 1” Changing the Tracks of People’s Lives

By December 28, 2017Blog
Changing the Tracks

“You + 1” Changing the Tracks of People’s Lives Gala Raises Funds for Charity

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Corporations Show Support for WorldHarvest at our 2nd Annual Gala: Reporting & Fundraising Dinner.

On November 16th business leaders, professionals, and humanitarians unite to raise funds for charity that supports impoverished communities. A collection of prominent individuals and companies gathered at the Courtyard by Marriott in Monrovia to celebrate corporate social responsibility while supporting WorldHarvest, the nonprofit humanitarian organization focused on alleviating poverty in communities around the world.

The event featured a walk-through the many programs of WorldHarvest. Guests would arrive and were encouraged to “Follow the Tracks” through our journey to learn more about what we do here at WorldHarvest.

WorldHarvest is a humanitarian organization established in 1989. WorldHarvest exists to impact the world in three ways: Community, Education, and Media Services. Through health seminars and medical camps, WorldHarvest improve community sanitation and create economic opportunities for thousands of civilians. WorldHarvest offers sponsorship opportunities for children in difficult situations so they can get a proper education and get on the road to fulfill their dreams. Through leadership seminars, educational scholarships, and other training opportunities, WorldHarvest empower leaders to transform their communities. In Indonesia, WorldHarvest host one of the largest and most successful radio broadcast stations and TV shows in the nation. WorldHarvest serves people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Through partnerships with donors and businesses, WorldHarvest aids thousands of individuals each year. WorldHarvest is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Photos courtesy of Angeles Photo Studio and Steve Gunawan

A special thank you to our Gala table sponsors!