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Ecuador Disaster Relief Updates

By May 4, 2016Blog

On Saturday, April 16th at 7 PM, Ecuador experienced a record shattering, 7.8 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake killed over 650 people and injured 12,000 others. A few days after the earthquake, WorldHarvest dispatched a Disaster Relief Response Team to Ecuador to distribute food, water, antibiotics, and other necessities to the 12,000 earthquake victims. As soon as the response team touched ground, they immediately got to work.

Some of our team members loading hundreds of pounds of food onto the truck to distribute later that night.

They began by cooking hot meals at 9 PM and continued to serve the hungry until midnight. This process has been repeated daily since the team had been dispatched. Each day and night, thousands of victims lined up for food, water, and medical treatment.

Each night, thousands of earthquake victims line up to receive food, water, and supplies from WorldHarvest.

A heavy amount of antibiotics and other medicines were also flown to Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, to aid the victims and their families. Doctor Jose Batallas and Doctor Cynthia were deeply involved in this whole process, and served everyday with our team to make sure that the victims were well taken care of.

Pounds of antibiotics and other medicines were transported to the affected areas in Ecuador.

One of the leaders from our team, David Trisna, reported, “I literally cried driving from street to street in Tarqui. It was total darkness, with dozens of policemen guarding the desolate areas. Many families chose to sleep outside of their uninhabitable homes. There was a strong, fishy stench of decomposing bodies that were no longer retrievable from under the collapsed buildings. We all had to wear masks.

Aside from feeding the hungry citizens and taking care of those who were sickly, our Disaster Relief Response Team also stayed up late to feed and serve coffee to the 250 law enforcement personnel.

Our team leaders had just distributed food and coffee to the law enforcement personnel. Masks were worn to prevent nausea from the putrid stench.

With all of the good work that’s being done in Ecuador, we are still short on supplies. Right now, we still need donations to buy more basic items and medical supplies, which are the most expensive necessities. We need scales, breathing assistant tools, and thermometers for the children, amongst many other things.

Our mission in Ecuador will be ongoing until we see the nation begin to recover. This could take from several weeks to a few months. Our on-site director, Pastor Maria, will be spearheading the team over in those critical cities. During this time, we kindly ask that you help us by providing financial support for the victims in need. Your dollars will be converted into hot meals, clean water, medical supplies, and other resources that will be life saving for the earthquake victims.

Let us continue to do good work for those who are helpless, hopeless, and hungry.

To donate, please visit www.worldharvest.cc/ecuadorearthquake. Thank you for your compassion.