In Sierra Leone, over 5,000 cases of Ebola have been confirmed by the Ministries of Health in every region. The impact of this virus is challenging on all levels. Despite the general awareness of what the disease could do, we must also be educated on the economic, social and psychological impact that the devastating epidemic has on the nation, including sub regions like Sierra Leone.

WorldHarvest campaigned to provide the emergency relief funds in December 2014, which greatly supported the Ebola victims. The relief team was able to meet the needs of the victims in both Sierra Leone and Liberia. Six trained staffers were on the frontlines during this critical time to provide medical relief and training to on-site volunteers.

Due to the spread of the virus, the availability of food had diminished drastically and the price of food had escalated significantly. Our workers surveyed several communities and identified five targeted locations to help. Those communities included:

  • Freetown
  • Kono
  • Bo
  • Liberia

The Single Leg Amputee Sports Association (SLASA)/ Mambud Samai from WorldHarvest West Africa and Jabaty Mambu, the President of the Sierra Leone Amputee Soccer Association.

Two of these communities, Freetown and Liberia, have been supplied with hundreds of pounds of food. The emergency relief team in WorldHarvest West Africa is currently working on reaching out to the communities left in Kono and Bo.

Here are the statistics regarding the supplies that were bought:

  • Rice – 97 bags
  • Palm oil – 128 bottles
  • Onions – 58 bulbs
  • Hand sanitizer – 231.