On Saturday, March 1, we had a special guest in Monrovia from Papua, Indonesia whose purpose was to enlighten and inspire leaders based on his experiences. For years he had strived to uplift the hopeless and help restore broken lives. He’s even adopted several children in his village, since they were homeless orphans. Jim Yost was definitely a qualified speaker on how to act on our compassion for the poor in our communities.

In 1977, Jim went to Papua and lived in the jungle amongst a stone-age tribe. There, he established a written language for the tribe and brought many surrounding communities together. He strives to love and understand whomever he encounters, and teaches others to do the same. In the seminar, Jim spoke on the importance of having a tight-knit community and how to get ours to be just like that. Jim Yost’s inspiring testimonies and sacrificial lifestyle truly opened the eyes of our listeners and inspired all of us to give our all in everything that we do.