About Us

Who are we?

The short answer: we love people.

The long answer:

WorldHarvest is a humanitarian organization established in 1989. We exist to impact the world in three ways: Community, Education, and Media Services. Through our health seminars and medical camps, we improve community sanitation and create economic opportunities for thousands of civilians. We offer sponsorship opportunities for children in difficult situations so they can get a proper education and get on the road to fulfill their dreams. Through leadership seminars, educational scholarships, and other training opportunities, we empower leaders to transform their communities. In Indonesia, we host one of the largest and most successful radio broadcast stations and TV shows in the nation. WorldHarvest serves people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Where do we serve?

We serve communities all around the world through our Sponsor A Child program, disaster relief missions, community development programs, and various training programs. Our work reaches across the globe, which means your support does too.

Why do we serve?

Only 21% of children in Papua are able to gain access to elementary education.

62% of Pakistani children over the age of 10 have never attended school.

Nearly 30% of youth (ages 15-24) in Sierra Leone have had no education at all. Only 5% of all youths made it to primary school and just 3% made it to secondary school.

Only 7% of Nepali youths are able to complete primary school.
Long story short, there is a need all across the world, and we want to do something to help.
Join us in our fight against poverty, disaster, famine, and similar circumstances and let’s do our part to change the world for the better.