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No Kids Forgotten: A National Movement

By March 12, 2017Blog

Who Is Forgotten?

Did you know that only 21% of children in Papua are able to gain access to elementary education?

How about this: 62% of Pakistani children over the age 0f 10 have never attended school.

And this: Nearly 30% of youth (ages 15-24) in Sierra Leone have had no education at all. Only 5% of all youths made it to primary school and just 3% made it to secondary school.

These are the facts that we are dealing with in the world today. But the truth is, we don’t just have to sit around and do nothing. WorldHarvest certainly isn’t.

What Now? 

We are launching a campaign called “No Kids Forgotten” because we feel that the kids behind these statistics deserve much more than a life trapped in poverty, because no one thought to remember that they exist. Education is a huge aspect that can change the trajectory of a child’s life, and we believe that giving a child the gift of education not only sets them on a path to a better life, it quite literally changes their future.

In poverty-stricken countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sierra Leone, there are thousands upon thousands of kids who are born into a life of unspeakable poverty, where their only options of survival lead them to perform manual labor at a young age, as their impoverished families are unable to fund even the most fundamental education. As a helpless child with little to no choice but to help the family look for the next meal, education loses priority in the grand scheme of existence, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty as they will never be able to attain skilled work.

WorldHarvest has already adopted three “new” communities in:

  • Hassan Abdal, Pakistan
  • Sorong, Indonesia
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone

WorldHarvest’s Newly Adopted Community of Kids in Sorong, West Papua

What to Do

Our goal for this campaign is to get at least 30 kids from each location sponsored, but we cannot do it without your help. For a commitment of just $1 a day, you could take care of a child’s educational and health needs, and set them on the right track to a bright future. If you aren’t ready for that type of commitment, you can still help by donating whatever you can, and that money will go to bettering the children’s home communities through feeding and fumigation programs, and other WorldHarvest global programs and needs. You could also purchase a t-shirt to show your support.

A child needs your help right now. Click here to sponsor a child from Pakistan and click here to sponsor a child from Papua. Sponsorship for our kids in Sierra Leone will be available soon.

We invite our friends across the nation and around the world to join us in this movement to change the lives of children and to continue the good work of helping the helpless.

You can change a life today.

No Kids Forgotten. 2017.